Armored Car Issue Reporting... Single Point Of Contact For All Your Cash Issues


Q&A Payment Solutions offer a single point of contact for your locations to report all issues relating to cash collection and delivery, such as:

  • Carrier no show
  • Short/missing change orders
  • Missing deposits
  • Safe key issues
  • Time window problems
  • Any other carrier issue


How It Works

Each location has their own unique profile that details their schedules service days including holidays

All issues are issued a Q&A case number upon submitting and are tracked on line on the case resolution screens that provide full details of the actions taken and the status of the reported issue

Locations can report from a selection of common issues, free format text or issues that are customizable by location

Q&A Payment Solutions chase down and escalate the issue to resolution

Status and resolution reporting to the location and consolidated corporate reporting

Implemented in conjunction with the change ordering management


Common Issues

Carrier No Show  - Q&A will escalate the no show and either ensure that it is re-scheduled or credited.

Short or Missing Change  - As Q&A placed the change order - we know it was placed on-time and correctly and we have the bank confirmation number and can request the manifest for proof of receipt by carrier.

Safe Key  - There is no point in a carrier arriving without the key - in this situation we will escalate and obtain the credit for the failed service.

Excess Time/Liability/Item Charges  - These charges can be significant and are often caused by previous carrier no shows. Q&A can investigate and ensure that the charges are not erroneous.