Change Order Management... Uniformed Procedures For All Banks


Take the hassle out of managing multi-site change orders. The Q&A Payment Solutions system will provide you with a uniformed procedure for all your locations, irrespective of the bank or carrier. The system will provide you with the ability to set controls per location that include:

  • Number of Orders Per Week
  • Denominations permitted
  • Total value per order
  • Full boxed or rolled coin
  • Recommended orders
  • Default orders

How It Works

When the store logs-on to the system it will advise the next delivery date based on the agreed schedule and the cut-off time.

Once the store has placed the order a confirmation is issued that can be printed or saved at the location.

Orders can be placed in advance of the delivery date and if required can be edited up-to 10 minutes prior to the cut-off time.

At the agreed cut-off time the orders are transferred to the Bank for fulfillment and delivery or collection.

Corporate users will receive confirmation that the order has been placed and processed correctly by the Bank or Carrier supplying the change.


Set-Up Options

Free Format Orders - Users can place orders required within the agreed limits and delivery schedule.

Populated Orders - Users will see suggested orders per order day. these can be edited or accepted

Replication Orders - Orders that will be placed automatically if no order is place prior to the cut-off.

Fully Automated< - The system can be set-up to fully automate the change orders and eliminate in store task

Smart Safe Integration - Patented process enables the Q&A system to be accessed via the AMSEC Smart Safe interface. This solution can also be used to pay for the change order at the time of ordering by either depositing notes in the safe or debiting the value from the daily credit file